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System Gains
Alpha Strategic
1 Week00.71%
1 Month04.69%
1 Qtr09.52%
1 Year24.66%

Alpha Yield
1 Week-00.42%
1 Month01.07%
1 Qtr04.00%
1 Year13.59%

Alpha Sector
1 Week00.26%
1 Month04.86%
1 Qtr09.90%
1 Year16.43%

Alpha Micro
1 Week00.11%
1 Month03.65%
1 Qtr07.56%
1 Year14.63%

Alpha Stone
1 Week-00.10%
1 Month01.86%
1 Qtr06.89%
1 Year14.29%

Alpha Income
1 Week00.29%
1 Month01.30%
1 Qtr03.14%
1 Year11.94%

Results do not include brokerage or other fees.                
Overview works to provide the best options for consideration regarding personal account structure to each subscriber. 

Have access to specific positions within multiple account strategies, ranging from a few broad ETF positions to over 30 individual equities. The diverse strategies touch on a wide range of risk tolerances, which allow for everyone to utilize one that best fits there own investing comfort level. The format is extremely effective and easy to use, and investors with a current trading account can benefit from this site in a matter of minutes. Subscribers have instant and constant access to the model strategies, which include specific position options, as well as individual weightings per position. For more information, and a sample screen - click here...

To the left you see the actual returns for each of the current strategies captured by specific time periods. The system has been in development since 2005, with active utilization since the founding.

To the right you can read the blog, or click on the presentation icon to see an overview of the system.

Click on the subscription button to the upper right for access. For questions, email

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